"Snell's Law" in issue 37 of Sugar Mule

"Bone Dance" in the November 2012 issue of Fat City Review

"Camera Obscura" in Regime 02  (AU)

"Toward Pangea" in Other Poetry  (UK)

"Phillips Instant Flood" in the April 2013 issue of Burningword

"A Ghost" in the Ampersand Review

"Box Turtle" on Rogue Particles

3 Poems: "The Enduring Nation," "Pantyhose Mask," and "Revelation" in White Stag

"Google 1" on Third Point Press

"Presence" in Anima Poetry's first issue

4 Poems: "Fireplace," "Mining," "Thirty," and "Quondam" in After the Pause

5 Poems: "Housekeeping," "Explication," "Dear," [How to Un-do Things], and "My Body" in Alien Mouth

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