Partial CV

Paul Fauteux, BA, MA, MFA

Permanent Address: 14260 Heritage Crossing Lane, Centerville, VA, 20120. – (703) 434-9538


George Washington University, Washington, DC
MA- Secondary Special Education and Transition Services, January 2016

George Mason University, Fairfax, VA
MFA- Creative Writing- Poetry, May 2012

James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA
Bachelor of the Arts, May 2007.  Major: English Literature, Minor: General Music

Teaching Experience

            George C. Marshall High School
                         English 10, Special Education (LD)

            Cedar Lane Center, Vienna, VA
                        2014: English 9, English 11, English 12, as GW Intern

            Northern Virginia Community College, Annandale, VA
                        2011: Eng 125- Intro to English Lit (1 section)
                        2012: Eng 112- College Composition II (2 sections), Eng 111- College Composition I (1 section)
                        2013: Eng 112- College Composition II (4 sections), Eng 125- Intro to English Lit (1 section)
                        2014: Eng 125- Intro to English Lit

            Annandale High School, Annandale, VA
                        2008-2013: Instructional Assistant, Special Education, Category B


            GWU Tuition Award, Fairfax Partnership Program
            Semi-finalist, 11th Annual Slope Editions Book Prize (How to Un-do Things)

            Completion Fellowship (George Mason University, 2011-2012), $10,000


“Snell's Law.”  Sugar Mule:  A Literary Magazine, March 2011.

“Bone Dance.”  Fat City Review, November 2012.

“Camera Obscura.” Regime, February 2013.  (AU)

“Phillips Instant Flood.”  Buringword, April 2013.

“Toward Pangea.”  Other Poetry, 2013.  (UK)

“Sonnet.”  Regime, November 2013.  (AU)

“A Ghost.”  Ampersand Review, October 2013.

“Box Turtle.” Rogue Particles Magazine, March 2014.

“The Enduring Nation.” White Stag, November 2014.

“Pantyhose Mask.”  White Stag, November 2014.

“Revelation.”  White Stag, November 2014.

“Google 1.”  Third Point Press, May 2015.

“Presence.” Anima Poetry Journal, May 2015.  (UK)

“Fireplace.”  After the Pause, December 2015.

“Mining.”  After the Pause, December 2015.

“Quondam.”  After the Pause, December 2015.

“Thirty.”  After the Pause, December 2015.

The Best Way to Drink Tea.  Plan B Press, 2011.

            Book Reviews:
Scary, No Scary is cleverly disguised as a Hostess cupcake.” The Lit Pub, October 2011.

“What it is like to be alive in this world.”  The Lit Pub, March 2012.

“A Revolution when Whispered.”  The Lit Pub, July 2012.

“There's no time for pleasantries.  These are perilous waters.”  The Lit Pub, August 2012.

“Amplified with the accumulation of additional constraints.”  The Lit Pub, March 2013.

“Stay Horny for Art.” The Lit Pub, May 2013.

“Real Life Shit.”  The Lit Pub, November 2014.

            Back Cover Copy:

The Third Elevator, by Aimee Bender.  The Lit Pub, 2012.


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