Poems in After the Pause

I've got four poems in the Winter 2015 issue of After the Pause, online here.  Since my last update, I've also had poems in Anima Magazine and Third Point Press.

(image credit: Anima Magazine)

Look for an eventual update over at The Lit Pub, where I'll be recommending Marissa Crawford's Big Brown Bag, which is a pretty awesome chapbook from Gazing Grain Press.

In other news, M.A. Vizsolyi's The Lamp with Wings is a pretty neat book of love sonnets, Laura Neuman's The Busy Life, also from Gazing Grain Press, is a fantastic collection of prose poems, and I'm having a baby.

Newman's chapbook has been out since 2012, but I'm slow to catch up.  It's a really engaging collection; it is, in many ways, about the sentence, which is actually a really cool topic.  Love, the loss of love, the problem of expression, and the impossibility of total comprehension all figure in The Busy Life, and I can't recommend it enough.

Oh, the baby's going to be a girl.  Forward the Fatherhood!  Baby furniture assembly is more frustrating than I thought possible.


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