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Neon Magazine reviews The Best Way to Drink Tea

Beatniks and Butterflies

Oh boy! I've been in a cave. I've been in a lonely internet cave where blog-posting has been impossible.
I am glad to report that this was a cave in the metaphysical sense; that I was able to interact with my fellow human beings in the real world, and only unable to post on this particular blog. But the dark times have passed.
While I've been mucking about in the real world, I've been a little busy. I've written a couple of book reviews for The Lit Pub, sent my book manuscript out to a few book contests, and I've become a host. Which brings me to the subject of this particular blog post:
Beatniks andButterflies has landed. Er...started. Beatniks and Butterflies has started.
For those of you unaware, The Soundry had been, for three years running, the hippest art-incubator/performance venue/coffee space in the whole damn world. Due to some unfortunate financial unpleasantness they had to close their doors, but The Soundry lives on as sort of a gorilla event-p…