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Okay, so.

Steven Allenmay, publisher over at Plan B Press, has been telling people that The Best Way to Drink Tea is a playbill: an artifact that exists to indicate the procedure of something that is only reproducible (producible?) via live performance.  He's got a pretty good point there.
Here's the scenario: I had no notion of putting out a chapbook like this one before it was proposed to me.  I think there are pretty good poems in it and I stand by it as a discreet work, but the volume was not conceived at all until "The Best Way to Drink Tea" had been realized and performed.  I am referring, of course, to the performance piece of the same name.
The performance piece is the sum of its parts.  (Whether it is more than that in the synergistic sense is another debate.)  The first component is a series of prose poems I began roughly one year ago.  This is the piece that I took to my friend, Ben Nicholson, with whom I had collaborated on previous absurdities.  I sent him …


Has anyone seen the online bookstore over at ?  If you have, you'll notice that my book is now available for purchase.  Hooray!

The book release event went very well, and lots of wonderful people came out to The Soundry to support the event.  I'll have more to say about it in another blog post.