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Progress = Fun? (guest appearance by Charles Olson)

In 1950, Charles Olson's “Projective Verse” bombastically declared that written verse must reclaim its association with orality. Printed verse was plainly un-spoken, and did not earnestly attempt to represent the speech which necessarily served as the impetus for the act of writing. Hundreds of years of critics enamored of the iambic pentameter line in English verse might have argued otherwise. Olson himself conceded that the line hadn't really lost its handle on “breath” until the late Elizabethans, to whom he held himself in opposition, but it was clear to him that in the present day (1950) left-justified verse in general was slave to the conventions of printed verse as they had existed since the advent of the technology that allowed for such a thing. Olson's verse also followed from a technological innovation: his preferred “Open Field” was the product of the typewriter, which was available roughly two decades before the birth of E. E. Cummings, who Olson credited as th…

March 14th: update

"Snell's Law" is out in Sugar Mule #37.  There are also two wonderful poems from my colleague Susan Whalen.  (direct link to the poem on my "poems" page.)

There's a book a-brewin', and it may drop in the next fiscal quarter.  (for those of you who are business-minded.)