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...and there was much rejoicing.

I can list publications on my CV now!  Not very many, but still!  Hooray!

RE: AWP Conference 2011

When a poet has a microphone in front of his mouth, his objectives are always essentially the same (even if he is a female poet): he must wrestle the attention of the audience from whatever else its members have been paying attention to, deliver his poetry in a manner that will ensure the audience's continued attention, and leave the audience pleased that he has been speaking once his turn at the microphone is over.  A performer's labors are made all the more difficult in a room full of drunkards, particularly if those drunkards are diligent writers constantly honing their mastery of language by engaging in contests of wit with their diligent drunkard neighbors.  These challenges are presented to every poet, but the way that a poet addresses them is wholly a matter of preference.

To engage the audience, one may simply begin speaking.  If there is an introducer, the introducer's speech is cut off at the head by the chatter of a drunken audience.  If a poet has no introducer …


I've begun taking practical steps to developing a relevant "internet presence."  i.e.:  One that has no remnants of high school and/or college angst.